Which kind of help would you like?


Photo Organization Quick Start – $45

The Creative Consultant will:

  • assess your photo organizing needs
  • create a “Photo Organization Action Plan” specific to you, with guidelines as to where to focus your time and what to do

Photo Organization Consulting – $45/hour

The Creative Consultant can:

  • help get your photos (paper or digital) sorted and organized
  • install backup / “cloud” software and get you up and running so that you are protected in the case of a computer crash or fire (cost of backup mechanism/software not included)
  • make digital images of photos from old albums that are yellow and faded
  • prepare you to pass on photos to family members
  • install photo organization software
  • help put important photos on your digital picture frame, phone, memory card
  • help upload photos to your computer
  • help share photos via Facebook and other social media

Photo Gift Consulting$45/hour The Creative Consultant will help you:

  • plan for your photo books and other photo gifts
  • begin to prepare and organize your photos
  • upload the photos for your first photo book
  • give you a tutorial for creating a photo book and/or provide templates with drag-and-drop capabilities
  • get you started on your first photo book


Digital Slide Show / Video Set to Music- Can include photos, home video, Hollywood-style trailers and transitions.  Get a free estimate – starting at $95

Photo Book Creation- We can create all or part of your photo book for you. Get a free estimate. We’ll discuss the type of book you’d like to create, determine how many photos you have and give you a quote - starting at $145 for a professionally-bound 20-page 10-by-10 inch hard cover book created for you.

Poster, Memorial or Celebration Boards- Get a free estimate.


Photo Scanning – whether it be 20 photos or 1,000. Get your paper photos out of boxes and in to a photo book, where everyone can enjoy them. We can also scan negatives, slides, kids artwork, memorabilia, etc. All images will be:

  • scanned at high resolution (600 dpi)
  • have dust and scratches repaired, color and lighting corrected, red eyes removed, etc.

The price for scanning 4×6 or 3.5 x 5 photos is as follows:

1-100 photos$1 each
101-500 photos90 cents each
501 or more80 cents each

For scanning negatives, slides, kids artwork, memorabilia, etc, a free quote can be made.


Photography Session (“Photo Shoot”) – we can capture photos of your family and friends to match whatever feeling you want to create.

Creativity Sessions (“Girls Night In”) –  This is a chance to gather with others who share their love of scrapbooks — for inspiration, motivation and time away from your busy schedule.  You’ll create a professionally bound scrapbook on your laptop in 2-3 hours.  The environment will be fun and supportive. You can receive any help needed from a consultant as well as being able to view others’ completed scrapbook albums.

Host a party at your house for a fun, productive afternoon or evening with a tangible “party gift”.  Your guests can quickly and easily create a professionally bound digital scrapbook for only $49 each, including help from a consultant. Throw a party they’ll never forget. They’ll be grateful every time they open their scrapbook!