Kim Smith, Founder and Creative Consultant

Kim 2013_07 - 09 - Vert
After a trip to Spain and France with my husband in 1998, I decided to capture the memories in a hand-made scrapbook. I found it challenging and had lots of fun doing it. I really loved the opportunity to show my creativity and at the same time show off my photos. I created several scrapbooks for my family.

Then, in 2003, along came our daughter and all scrapbooking came to a halt. There just didn’t seem to be enough time to sit down and document our family’s life and precious moments. For a couple years I didn’t think I’d ever find the time. Then my sister-in-law pointed out how quickly you could create digital photo books online and I thought I’d give it a try. Very quickly I was hooked. I got scrapbooking “down to a science” while still keeping it fun and artistic. Every scrapbook I finished made me excited about the next. Soon I discovered what great gifts they made for family and friends. The enjoyment of one photo book could be shared by several people.

Throughout my 15 years of scrapbooking, I’ve come across many people who said they wished they could scrapbook, but didn’t have the time, didn’t have their photos organized or didn’t know where to start. Thus began the idea of Photo Motivation – a company focused on making people successful in completing photo books.